The Outdoor Project organises three categories of climbing programmes. The first two categories include experiential and technical abseiling and sport climbing courses. The third category brings participants to real climbs (mountain trekking) up the nearby tropical mountains.

Experiential Sport Climbing Programmes

The experiential sport climbing courses aim to provide participants with a taste to sport climbing in the man-made and natural walls, real application back to their ordinary lives (e.g. team-building) and even as fundamental as strengthening family and friendship ties.

family climbing programmeThe Family Climbing Programme is an initiative mooted to offer suitable outdoor experiences for families. During Family Climbing Programme, kids will be accompanied by a parent and experience the activity with them.

Venue: Cliff @ Snowcity

Price: $75/- per parent-child pair, $25/- additional child

Age range: 6 – 12 years old


Abseiling and Sports Climbing Courses

The technical abseiling and sport climbing courses include SMF-certified Abseiling Proficiency Courses Level 1 and 2, Sport Climbing Level 1, 2, 3 and the Instructor Training Course. These technical courses are designed to offer a gradual upgrading of their climbing and mountaineering skills as they progress towards more difficult climbs or the teaching track.

Abseiling Proficiency Courses


Abseiling Proficiency Course Level 1 (SNAS 1)

This self-proficiency course teaches participants the basics of abseiling and a personal rescue method.

Abseiling Proficiency Course Level 2 (SNAS 2)

This advanced self-proficiency course teaches participants self-abseil methods using other back-ups such as prusik cords, rope ascending techniques and self-rescue methods.

*** Participants have to be aged at least 13 years or above to enrol in all SMF-certified courses.

Sport Climbing Certification Courses

sport climbingSport Climbing Level 1 (SNCS 1) More Info Register

Focuses on developing a basic understanding of sport climbing and belaying on a top-rope system.

Sport Climbing Level 2 (SNCS 2) More info & Register

A build-up from top-rope climbing, this course advances participants to lead climbing and dynamic belaying.

Sport Climbing Level 3 (SNCS 3)

A further advancement of participants climbing skills, this course introduces participants to multi-pitch climbing including basic rescue manoeuvres.

Sport Climbing Instructor Training Course (ITC)

Only for those who wish to teach sport climbing to others, this course will refine the participants’ climbing skills, emergency responses, risk and safety management and teaching methodologies.

Tropical Mountain Trekking

(coming soon)