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climbing games workshop
Climbing Games Workshop
The Climbing Games Workshop is specially designed to share with educators to apply their technical knowledge into developmental programmes. Participants will advance from understanding the technical dimensions of sport climbing to applying knowledge into practically developmental activities. * The workshop is created with outdoor instructors and teachers in mind. Public is welcome too! Programme Details Time: 1500 - 1800 (registration starts at 1445) Location: The Cliff @ Snowcity * For more information, feel free to contact us! FAQ Q: Do I need to be a seasoned climber? A: Not at all. The focus is about programme planning and facilitation. Q: Do I need to know how to belay? A: Not necessary but preferably yes. Q: Do I need to climb? A: High probability yes. But it is to demonstrate some activities. Q: What if it rains? A: If it pours before the climb, you'll be made known latest 1 hr before the session and we will reschedule. It if pours during the climb, we will probably wait out for it to clear or mutually agree to postpone the climb. Q: Is there insurance coverage? A: Unfortunately no. But we will make both risk assessment before and during the whole climb. Q: I am interested but the dates so far seem unfavorable. Can I propose a date? A: Sure do! Just drop me a note at But we'll need at least 5 people to start off.
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sport climbing level 1 course
Sport Climbing Level 1
The Sport Climbing Level 1 Course (Singapore National Climbing Standards Level 1 Course) is designed to provide participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to start sport climbing. Participants will be introduced and learn to use a climbing harness, belay device, climbing knot and belay technique. This is an SMF-certified course. What's Unique about our Sport Climbing Level 1 course? [icon icon=icon-ok size=14px color=#FF0000 ]You will learn how to belay climbers of varying weight [icon icon=icon-ok size=14px color=#FF0000 ]You will get to try belaying using advanced belay devices [icon icon=icon-ok size=14px color=#FF0000 ]The additional skills you will learn will allow you to be versatile and adaptable at most climbing gyms. Programme Details Time: 0900 - 1600 Location: The Cliff @ Snowcity What's provided? - FREE Climbing Harness and Belay Device Rental - FREE Course Handbook - FREE Lifetime Access to Sport Climbing Level 1 E-Course What to bring for the course? - Covered shoes (compulsory) - Preferably at least 3/4 pants - Water bottle (no water cooler there) - Change of clothes * For more information, feel free to contact us!
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sport climbing level 2 course
Sport Climbing Level 2
The Sport Climbing Level 2 (SNCS level 2) course is designed as a follow-on from the Sport Climbing Level 1 course. This course progresses participants to lead climbing and dynamic belaying on artificial climbing walls. Why sign up with The Outdoor Project? [icon icon=icon-ok size=14px color=#FF0000 ]We offer you more than the basic syllabus including an introduction to Sport Climbing Level 3. [icon icon=icon-ok size=14px color=#FF0000 ]Our trainers have at least 3 years of teaching experience. [icon icon=icon-ok size=14px color=#FF0000 ]You will receive a FREE training manual. [icon icon=icon-ok size=14px color=#FF0000 ]You will receive a FREE lifetime access to our Sport Climbing Level 2 e-course. [icon icon=icon-ok size=14px color=#FF0000 ]We have your safety covered with first-aid certified trainers. Course Syllabus
  1. Introduction to Lead Climbing
  2. Equipment Required for Lead Climbing
  3. Knots (Double Figure of 8 & Tape Knot)
  4. Belaying of a Lead Climber using friction devices
  5. Lead Climbing & Techniques
  6. Top-out Technique
Passing Standards
  1. Confident with lead climbing on an easy route
  2. Correct placement of protection points on a lead climb
  3. Correct belaying of a lead climber using a friction device
  4. Correct top-out technique on a fixed anchor
  5. Conduct proper pre-climb checks
  6. Correct use of climbing calls
Course Pre-requisite Sport Climbing Level 1 certificate Programme Details
  • Time: 0900 - 1600
  • Duration: 14 hours
  • Location: The Cliff @ Snowcity
Course Fee $150/- per person Award Sport Climbing Level 2 certificate
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