sport climbing level 1 course

The Sport Climbing Level 1 (SNCS level 1) course is designed to provide a safe, enjoyable and informative introduction to sport climbing. Participants will be introduced to basic climbing technique, equipment, top-rope belaying method and basic climbing calls.


  1. Introduction to the Sport of Climbing
  2. Introduction to Climbing Equipment
  3. Tie-in Knot
  4. Belaying Technique
  5. Basic Climbing technique
  6. Top-Rope Climbing

Passing Standards

  1. Correct harness usage
  2. Correct tie-in technique using figure of 8 knot
  3. Correct belay technique using friction device
  4. Correct use of climbing calls
  5. Perform pre-climb checks

Why learn Sport Climbing Level 1 with The Outdoor Project?

After 10 years of teaching, we have identified key areas to transform a beginner belayer to an experienced one:

You will learn how to manage climbers of varying weight (no worries of being lifted up the the sky!)

You will learn to use some advanced belaying devices.

You will learn other configurations of top-rope climbing used at other centers

The additional knowledge that we will share will allow you to have a big picture and understand some of the different practices out there. Not only that, you will be versatile and know how to use some of the common belay devices (at least locally). Normally, climbers learn to use them on their own or with friends. YOU will get to learn to use these devices properly.


Programme Details
Time: 0900 – 1600
Location: The Cliff @ Snowcity (21, Jurong Town Hall Rd)

What’s provided?
– FREE Climbing Harness and Belay Device Rental
– FREE Course Handbook
– FREE Lifetime Access to Sport Climbing Level 1 E-Course

Course Fee

$100/ pax

How to register?

  1. Click on the product here
  2. Choose the date
  3. Complete your details at the checkout page
  4. Payment is via Paypal of Direct Bank Transfer
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What to bring for the course?
– Covered shoes (compulsory)
– Preferably at least 3/4 pants
– Water bottle (no water cooler there)
– Change of clothes
* For more information, feel free to contact us!