The Outdoor Project’s strength is organising nature-based walks in Singapore’s local parks and reserves. The Outdoor Project runs primarily three types of nature-based walks: Guided Family Nature Walks, Family Nature Walks and Nature Treks.

Guided Family Nature Walks

Guided Family Nature WalkThe Guided Family Nature Walks are designed to allow parents and children to bond as they are guided through Singapore’s parks and trails. The walks are filled with interactive activities for children to explore nature together with their parents. These walks are least strenuous to cater for the most junior members of families.

Children’s age: 3 – 6 years old

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Family Nature Walks

The Family Nature Walks are designed for families to … WALK! Minimal activities, the walks allow families to have an awesome together through an open-ended exploration of Singapore’s parks and reserves. The Family Nature Walks will be more physically challenging due to the slightly longer distance as compared to the Guided Family Nature Walks.

Children’s age: 7 – 12 years old

Nature Interpretation Programme

The Nature Interpretation Programme is a drop-off programme for children to encounter. explore and enjoy nature. Children will experience a series of interactive nature interpretation activities to make meaning, appreciate and build connections with the natural environment.

Children’s age: 10 – 15 years old

Nature Treks

The Nature Treks are specially designed programmes that utilise┬ánatural environment to achieve personal and social development in participants. Covering longer distances and bringing participants into the heart of Singapore’s nature reserves, the participants will be challenged by Mother Nature to work together and endure the treks. Participants will be taught navigation, leave no trace basic expedition management knowledge prior to embarking on the treks.

Participant’s age: 13 – 16 years old

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